Building Relationships with Bloggers is Vital to Crowdfunding

In Crowdfunding, Inbound Marketing by Bill

Why are bloggers important?


Bloggers are the new journalist on the Internet, and for the purpose of this post I am not going to entertain the discussion of “If bloggers are true journalists” because they are the defacto journalist on the Internet with massive followings and immense influence. Since they have both a following and influence as someone preparing to run a crowdfunding campaign I want to emphasize the value of developing a relationship with bloggers in your niche.

Bloggers play a vital role in any crowdfunding campaign because they have the ability to promote and review your campaign and then present it to their following with a recommendation. What is the value of having a campaign posted on a popular blog? I will give you an example of what I am talking about to illustrate my point. is my favorite crowdfunding blog and listed on their website are the numbers that represent their social reach. I know these numbers are accurate because I am one of the people counted in those numbers. This is an important point I participate and engage in their blog and social media, so I know they have an active LinkedIn group, an active Google+ community, and a very large following on Twitter. I engage on their blog and its social media outpost on a daily basis. I know that the reach and influence they have is legitimate because I am an active member of their blog community.

I want to emphasize this last point being an active community member of a relevant blog is the most effective way to build a relationship with a blogger. The crowdfunding ecosystem is driven by relationships developed via social media. These relationships are based on transparency and consistency. These relationship have a tremendous amount of value when you are trying increase your brand awareness and the brand reach of your crowdfunding campaign.