Crowdfunding as A Job Creation Engine

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Because crowdfunding has been used to create jobs

The new crowdfunding law unleashes easier access to a large pool of private capital for companies. The new law begins the movement toward the democratization of capital, since you can advertise on the web, social and mobile. Just as the worlds of music and publishing have faced disintermediation, the squeezing out of the middleman, so will capital raising become more efficient.

This change will drive the creation of new businesses to service the rise in the marketing and advertising of private offerings. Think of investor verification, due diligence, deal analysis and valuation, private placement memorandum creation, websites that cater to specific industries, investor and entrepreneurial education, internet marketing, video production, content creation on industries, portal platform creators, website designers and developers, specialized accounting and legal services, investment advisers and broker-dealer compliance, marketing, advertising, presentations and pitches, services and training, to name a few.

There will be new types of technology to present to, pitch and educate investors, entrepreneurs, creative types, small businesses and nonprofits. Interactive video and mobile video to engage and measure viewer (investor) feedback on a company deal or product, or both. Using video surveys, polls, quizzes, assessments, lead generation forms and call-to-action buttons, companies can find out what investors like or don’t like about their private offerings, and score, segment and respond to investors in real time. The presentations and pitches can be marketed and advertised across the web, mobile and social.

Imagine investors being able to interact with your private offering via a pitch video or recorded webinars and respond on their mobile phones. What if you could feed investors different videos based upon their answers to you in video surveys, polls, quizzes and assessments? You could entertain, educate, encourage (use rewards, white papers, incentives) to engage, get to know them and build a following. One of the key areas for crowdfunding and technology will be investor and entrepreneurial education online and via mobile. The new crowdfunding ecosystem will usher in a new world of job creation driven by the 21st century Web 2.0 tools.