Facbook ads for crowdfunding

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Facebook Ads are great large-audience option for sending traffic directly to your project, but there are other ways to make use of the targeted and low-cost advertising channel. We generally recommend 3-6 months of advance social media building before launching a crowdfunding campaign. Since studies have shown that 51% of Facebook users say they’re more likely to buy a product after becoming a fan of the product’s Facebook page, getting that fan base established from the beginning is an essential part of getting your project funded. In addition, most funding comes in the first and last 48 hours of a project’s lifespan, so the larger the audience you have to pull from, the better your chances of meeting your goals.

The Value of The Pre-Launch

Pre-Launch is the 3-6 month period preceding the launch of a campaign were ads are tweaked and refined for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We continuously review and tweak our targeting based on the data to help identify our crucial target audience, based on the demographics of the people who have liked the page. Never buy page likes, this will negatively impact the data needed to target effectively.

Building Relationships During Pre-Launch

During the Pre-Launch phase, building awareness and growing your audience is the primary focus through ad sets designed to gather Page likes and building the vital email list.  Engagement with fans is essential and people are more likely to give money to a project they feel a connection with rather than a total stranger, so developing relationships and interacting helps establish your project on a personal level.

The Value of Facebook

Many Facebook marketers get so caught up in advertising and posting regular updates, they tend to forget about other benefits they could reap from the global behemoth. Too many marketers undermine the value of Facebook users and miss the immense opportunity to grow a targeted email list using the Facebook platform. and those emails are also a great resource to create Custom Audiences and create more effective Facebook Ads Campaigns.


Using the Facebook Page to Build Your List

Facebook allows you to place certain tabs on a brand page, such as a call-to-action. Any business can integrate a signup form on Facebook to make it easy for their audience to subscribe to their email list. Make sure to include a relevant image such as a letterbox and a call-to-action such as ‘subscribe now’. You have to use an app to add this sign-up form on the page. Most email clients including MailChimp have these apps. Follow the steps outlined in the app function to add the tab to your page.


Facebook ads are a great tool for growing both email list and likes on the Facebook page while helping you find your target audience. Using targeted Facebook ads can be an extremely low-cost tool. Facebook has over 1 billion active user, so the pool of possible followers is immense.