The Importance of branding in crowdfunding

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How can branding effect my crowdfunding campaign?

By definition a Branding is promotion by advertising and distinctive design. A unique appeal to promote and Advertise.



gerund or present participle: branding


assign a brand name to.

“branded goods at low prices”

    • the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.


Ruben Anthony; Co-founder/ Creative Director

My name is Ruben Anthony and I am Co-founder of Our Crowd ROCKS, LLC working as creative director creating Graphic and Web Design work for our clients. I am 27 years old and have been active in the graphic design industry since 2007.  I understand the importance of marketing not just making pretty pictures. Branding isn’t just creating a picture it’s representing your company/product and serving a purpose. An image that your customers and advocates grow accustomed to. In Crowdfunding presentation is a big deal, In your video pitch you literally have to illustrate a vision and why someone should give you their hard-earned money to follow your dream. Proper presentation can mean the big difference between a donation and being skipped

The first thing someone on kickstarter will see about you is your image (thumbnail, logo, video image etc).  If you make that image captivating enough you may just get the click.

Following that is your presentation and message. Do they really want to see your video? Maybe.

Starting a Crowdfunding campaign you should always have a marketing budget and you should see the cost to benefit ratio in acquiring a logo and social media design to gain the viewers interest at first glance. From the campaign picture alone you can get that first click. The video and rewards might get them to invest but even after the donation they will recognize you by your logo and their interactions with you on your social media. Keep in mind that you are trying to reach a goal and even once it is complete you will need an image and you will need a brand.

The point being that branding is proven effective. Remember that this campaign isn’t the end of the road. You have your supporters in front of you and they will see you afterwards, your product afterwards. How will they remember it?

So you have branding? Utilize it.

Branding examples


Using Logos is more than simply placing the logo in your profile picture. You want to put it everywhere you can to ingrain this in your head. It’s on my bio, my profile pic, My header, My videos, the footers of my email and the inbox of yours.

Social Media Design

Sure you have a great looking facebook and twitter. It literally reflects the image you need but don’t lose track of the purpose. Make it uniform with the website/and guide it towards your primary campaign or to your personal webpage where you can more effectively communicate and explain your ideas.


Just put that image in the video a few times and make it synonymous with the campaign. Link back to your primary website and social media plugs.


Your website can be utilized a multitude of ways. From creating a community, store, blog, offering products or even just a great place to find information. Your own website would be incredibly beneficial to your campaign if you design it that way.

Take away

With that fully branded image for your campaign you would be sure to make an impression with someone and while success is never certain these relationships may very well carry-over from campaign to social media and any venture that you and your team happen to create. Crowdfunding is a people industry first and these connections are more valuable than their dollars. Reach them. Thank you for your time.