Top 3 Tips for finding relevant bloggers

In Crowdfunding by Bill

Bloggers can help you

Bloggers play a vital role in any crowdfunding campaign based on their influence in your niche market. They have the ability to promote and review your campaign and then present it to their followers with a positive recommendation. This is the cost effective and efficient process I use for locating niche bloggers. These are the three techniques I use for locating relevant bloggers to promote and review crowdfunding campaigns. The bloggers you’re looking to connect with are:

  1. Relevant to your niche
  2. Influential
  3. Have large, active and engaged audience

These are the free methods I employ to discover influential blogs and bloggers:

  • Google Blog Search – Plug your target keywords or the topics you are searching for into Google Blog Search to discover niche-related bloggers
  • Technorati– Use Technorati to identify the “Top Blogs” which measures a site’s standing and influence in the blogosphere
  • AllTop – The Web is saturated with compilation lists of the “Best Blogs,” which can help give you an idea of respected blogs/bloggers in your area of interest.

Organizing Bloggers

These two websites and the Google blog search are a great place to identify and explore bloggers to target. After you’ve found a list of influential blogger prospects create a spreadsheet to manage all the information. Organize them info into columns:

  • Blog Name
  • URL
  • Social Media Sites
  • Contact information

These heading will help organize the bloggers into easy to read information and if you use Google business Apps these spreadsheets can easily be shared with other team members in real time.

The Value of Bloggers

Building relationships with bloggers in my niche has been an effective and powerful strategy. There are many benefits that come from connecting with bloggers in your niche:

  • They will promote your campaign
  • They will recommend your campaign to their audience
  • They will link to your campaign
  • They will promote you on their social media profiles

Taking the time to research and engage bloggers in your niche is well worth the time and effort you put into the process because they are valuable assets for the promotion of your campaign in your niche, which helps contribute to your campaign’s growth and visibility.