How to build followers for your crowdfunding campaign

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Gaining your crowdfunding following

The term is crowdfunding, as in: You need a crowd to fund your idea. There are three groups you’ll need to include in your marketing strategy, and each of these will require a different approach:

  • Your existing personal network of friends, family, and acquaintances like co-workers and neighbors

  • Any subscribers, followers, or fans in your social media world

  • The new audience you want to attract

  1. Personal network. As you look through your email contacts, Facebook friends and LinkedIn communities for those who may help support your campaign, put them into separate lists of friends, family, acquaintances and business associates. Each of these groups will require different messaging.

  2. Stakeholders. When identifying people who can help promote your campaign, think about all the stakeholders who relate to your project.

  3. Social network. Having 5,000 Twitter followers doesn’t mean you’re ready to crowdfund. Considering that only a small percentage — about one to five — of any fan base will actually donate, the more followers and fans you can assemble, the better your chances of success

  4. On Twitter, you can follow accounts, lists and hashtagged (#) subjects that relate to your business area. Find the types of people with whom you want to engage and follow them, and you’ll build your followers as their fans discover you.

  1. Engage in Twitter conversations. Go beyond just following people and make sure you’re posting and re-tweeting things. One of the best ways to get followers is to post things others want to read; don’t let the first time followers hear from you be, “Hi, please back my crowdfunding campaign.”

  1. If you don’t already have a crowd, spend time building a following. Because social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter are the key channels you can control for promoting your campaign, it’s important you build these up well in advance. Growing a community of engaged and loyal members isn’t something that happens overnight.