How do I use Twitter to build my brand?

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Using Twitter to Build Brand Awareness

With hundreds of thousands of new accounts created each day, Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful tools for increasing brand awareness. As the second-largest social network, it reaches millions of people every second with 400 million tweets a day, and is a great free tool to increase brand awareness and promote your crowdfunding campaign.

Twitter is all about making connections. Make sure that your settings are on a public timeline so that your thoughts and ideas are not restricted to a closed community. You need to create a small band of followers and slowly increase that number. Tweets, messages on Twitter, allow you to interact with your own crowd and watch it grow by producing a consistent thread of high quality content. If you find a tweet from someone else to be interesting, you can re-tweet it.

Always make sure your tweets are being posted even on weekends and holidays because your customers will use their free day to catch up on their online social activity. You can do this by scheduling tweets. It is important that you tweet constantly and have at least one to two tweets set for the day. How Can I Build Brand Awareness on Twitter? Follow these six steps to build brand awareness for your crowdfunding campaign:


  1. If you want to gain maximum exposure, keep yourself on the “public timeline” so everyone sees your tweets. and keep your updates in the search results within Twitter.

  2. Use the ‘Find Other People’ or ‘Search’ tool on Twitter. It opens up your reach significantly within your targeted industry or area of interest.

  3. Post Tweet updates (messages) regularly at least several times daily, but don’t bombard your followers this provides you the opportunity to share your knowledge and resources in 140 characters or less.

  4. Share high quality content, something of interest to help others such as: case studies, key ideas, etc., and don’t forget to provide links to the information.

  5. Make your Tweets understandable, inviting, compelling and informative to attract the right followers and follow those that have a common interest in what your brand has to offer.

  6. Use Twitter to make connections, identify prospective funders and point others to your website for resources. This is a huge opportunity, as you build your crowd, to share your knowledge, and communicate information on what you are doing.